Thursday, September 29, 2016


I know to help with anxiety it is suggested to color.  There are lots of adult coloring books out there, but the designs are to intense for me.  The thing that is supposed to be calming puts me into an anxiety attack.  I have Vestibular Meniere's Disease.  I have a hard time with patterns.  So I have been wanting to do the coloring as a way to be mindful/grounded and at peace and calm, but hadn't found a way.  Then the light bulb went on in my head.  My little ones have lots of coloring books.  The pictures in those are much bigger.  So I started coloring.  I like the pictures that describe how I'm feeling like from the movie Inside Out, or Frozen, or The Care Bears.  I do find that coloring brings my mind to a safe and happy place.  I've even put it into my schedule once a week.  

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