Friday, September 9, 2016


Could use cookies, cakes, or even pencil and paper for that matter.  We used cookies.  Sugar cookies and our choices of frosting were blue and white.  There were several bowls of candies on the table as well.  We were each to take two cookies and decorate one of them with how we were currently feeling, and the other with how we want to feel in the future.  Both of mine had m&m's on them with smiley faces.  I am currently happy in my life, don't get me wrong, I am having one of the hardest trials of my life, but in comparison to how I was 3 years ago, or even 2 months ago, I am so happy. The cookie that was to represent my future was a happy and smiley face as well.  In my future I see an even greater amount of joy and happiness.  So if you had to decorate two cookies what would they look like, the now and the future?

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