Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Am A Tree

I am a tree.  My roots and trunk (core) have always been weak, fragile, not strong enough to hold up my branches (self, friends, family).  I have been so blessed in the past 3 plus years to have a best friend who has patiently guided me onto a very good path.  I have been given the best counselor who ever existed to teach me and listen and guide me to being a stronger person.  I have been given a retreat that pushed me so far, in a 4 day span, in the right direction that I have been able to finally accept and love myself.  I have been given other counseling and classes through the area that I live in.  Now I am privileged to get to attend and become certified to help others who are on a similar path to me.  My roots and trunk are being strengthened and made so strong.  Sometimes they weaken and need nourishment, but they are stronger than they have ever been.  I am able to hold myself, family, and friends up.  It feels so good no not be that sick and withered tree anymore.  If feels amazing to be strong and powerful and healthy.  I must tend to my roots or I will wither again.  I must take care of myself so I can remain healthy and strong.

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