Friday, November 18, 2016

Taking Car of Oneself

Do something special for yourself:  I am getting my brows waxed today.

Do something that gives you space from the tensions and chaos of life:  I get in my truck once a week and go for a ride.

Do something that engages your creativity or talents that gives you meaning and purpose:  I play the piano and sew.

Do something that you enjoy or relaxes you:  Meditation with The Honest Guys You Tube.

Do something that takes some of the chaos out of your life and gives you a sense of control:  I have a daily routine, for each day of the week.

Do something that cuts over against old negative self-talk:  I have a vision board with pictures of me on it.

Do something that connects you with other people:  I go to group therapy and I try to call my siblings.

Do something that connects you with your Higher Power:  I attend church, go to the temple, read my scriptures,  and pray.

Do something that symbolizes a new decision you have made about how you are going to live:  I put on make-up, jewelry, and perfume each day.

Do something that enables you to give of yourself to someone else:  I bake and share the good I prepare.

Do something that prevents old patterns from setting in:  I keep my commitments, and go outside my comfort zone.

Do something that challenges your thinking:  I am working on a jigsaw puzzle, I don't like jigsaw puzzles.

Do something that helps you reflect regularly on your life:  I keep a personal journal, study journal, and blog.

Do something that keeps you healthy:  I work out 15 to 20 minutes a day.

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