Sunday, December 4, 2016


I took a Youth in Transition class as part of my Certified Peer Support Specialist training.  It was an 8 hour class.  I learned so much.  One of the things we talked about is how people in recovery from either Mental Health issues or Substance Abuse issues need to make goals.  The word "Goals" can sound like work, or sound negative to someone who is trying to improve their life.  We talked about different words we could use.  One brought up in class was "Achievements".  So in other words what would you like to achieve?  This morning to my head came, What "skills and abilities" would you like to gain?  So you could ask them about their:  Interests, Goals, Achievements, Skills, Attributes and Abilities.  These can also be open ended questions, getting them to open up and speak about what is important to them.

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