Sunday, September 4, 2016

Assisting Others

How am I assisting others: 

I belong to a Facebook group from the Haven Retreat.  We support each other there, and it is a safe place to give and get help, advise, and direction from those who have been through similar trauma. 

As a member of my churches women’s group, I am able to support and help other women through information on how to get help, find resources for reading & therapy, and help them to feel they are not alone by listening to their stories, and sharing my story.  

Those in my life who I am aware of that have been through traumatic experiences or who are going through particularly hard times, I support by taking them meals, being a listening ear, tending their children so they can have time to themselves, encourage them to eat healthy by sharing what I’ve studied and learned about food, validate their need to get plenty of rest, & invite them to do yoga with me.  I try to compliment and uplift the people in my life as they confide in me, and always share with them how much the classes I take, and the counseling I have received has helped me.

I recently started a blog about me and my journey in hopes that someone out there will have hope that they may be made whole, new, and have the life and freedom they have always desired. 

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