Thursday, September 15, 2016


Part of my therapy last night for my depressive episode was to take some time listing how my Father in Heaven has blessed my life the past few years.  Also I was to spend some time in prayer expressing gratitude to God for all his help in my life.

Expressing gratitude is so awesome.  Listing it out on paper or on the computer makes it visible and real.  Praying to God and thanking him for all his help makes you realize just how much he loves you and is involved in your life.

As I think about the blessings and help received from the Lord it pulls me up and out of myself.  God has been in the details, the small, very small details of my life.  Things that no one else would even notice.

I'll share with you a few of my blessings and helps from the Lord:
A best friend who is always there to lift, support, and help me.
A counselor who has been patient and kind, who helps me to think outside the box.
Time to attend the temple each week.
I've had a greater desire to study the scriptures, and as I ask for the ability to get them done each day, I am granted that blessing.
Food and money to pay bills even when my husband was out of work.  

Just a few examples.  Take a moment to think about your blessings and how the Lord has helped you.  It's a great feeling as you realize just how much your Father in Heaven loves and cares for you.  

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