Sunday, September 4, 2016

History Of My Recovery Journey

History of my recovery journey: 

When I was 13 years old I told my mother of my sexual abuse.  I started counseling, and have been in and out of counseling until I was 43 years old.  I never felt comfortable with the counselors, the counsel they gave, or with myself. 

In 1992 my Father, Mother, and Brother were burned in a propane explosion at their home.  This set me back and ignited my fears.  It pushed me on a downward spiral in and out of depression, anxiety, and the PTSD that comes from such a horrific accident, and the sexual trauma received as a child.

I have forgiven my abuser several years ago, and before his death earlier this year (2016) was able to communicate with him, at times in person or via the telephone. 

At 43 years old (January 2015) I started counseling at LDS Family Services.  I have done EMDR & talk therapy.  I feel very comfortable with my counselor and have been able to open up, and work through my traumas.  My counselor set me up with The Family Place where I am able to receive group therapy and a variety of classes.  One class I took from The Family Place was a Sand Tray Therapy class.

About 16 months prior to starting therapy, I had started to improve myself.  It was something a friend said to me that got me moving.  Since then I’ve made positive changes in my life in the areas of spirituality by having a daily scripture study routine, emotionally by doing things that interest me and that are good for me, physically by learning how to eat better and healthier, by walking, doing yoga, and mental well-being by attending classes, one on one therapy, group therapy, and a retreat.

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