Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kind To Myself

I need to be kind to myself.  Sometimes when I get most sad or depressed I think of positive things that I am or that I want to become.  It's hard to say nice things to ourselves when we are feeling down, but it really helps.  Here are a few I've thought of in the last day or so:

I am beautiful!
I am kind!
I am helpful!
I am friendly!
I am loving!
I am organized!
I am caring!
I am faithful!
I am gentle!
I am peaceful!
I am calm!
I am pretty!
I am clean!
I am enough!
I am soft spoken!
I am modest!
I am creative!
I am attractive!
I am smart!
I am unique!
I am courageous!
I am positive!
I am fearless!
I am wise!
I am happy!
I am motivated!
I am a hard worker!
I am strong!
I am confident!
I am inspiring!

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