Sunday, September 4, 2016

Remaining In Recovery

How am I remaining in recovery:

I attend counseling at L.D.S. Family Services. ( January 2015 to present ).  I was being seen every week for the first year, this year is down to every other week.  I feel like soon I will be able to push it out to every three or four weeks.  As needed I also counsel with my church clergy. 

I continue to attend classes and group therapy sessions with The Family Place, as often as possible.

Recently I had the privilege of attending The Haven Retreat for four days, put on by The Younique Foundation ( ) in Springville, Utah.  A retreat for women who have had sexual trauma/abuse at age 18 or younger.   

I have read, and continue to find books to read on Mental Health.  I’ve read books by Russ Siegenberg, Dennis and Joyce Ashton, and also the Younique Foundation book, Reclaim Hope. 

Mowing the lawn and swimming with my children are my favorite ways to exercise and release stress, but a new practice of mine is yoga and walking.  

A few other things recently learned, or mastered are some breathing, grounding, and drumming techniques that I am trying to implement into my daily routine.

Daily I take vitamin D3 2000 IU (for depression), and an herbal supplement called ElectroMed (for anxiety & depression).  The ElectroMed helps with improved mood, memory, sleep, alertness, and reduction of stress. 

When I need to do something to help me get through my depression or anxiety, I will often bake treats or meals to share with others.  This always seems to help with stress reduction, and gives me a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. 

Music has been helpful in my therapy.  I love to listen to the Old Country Classics, Christian music, and I work at playing the piano.

I keep detailed daily journals of my activities.  I keep a journal on my phone so when I am out and about I can record feelings, impressions, or thoughts.  I have a journal on my home computer, I also have a study journal for my religious studies that I write in.  As I read back I see progress being made, and it helps to give me strength to keep going.   

Every other week I receive acupuncture, and every week a chiropractic adjustment.  This helps with my physical health and emotions.   

Over the last few years I have become interested in photography.  I love to take pictures of barns, flowers, weeds, plants, people, and just about any subject that will be still long enough for me to click the camera.  Often times I’ll go for a drive in my truck to find a place where I can be quiet, feel peace, breathe, and find something still to capture its photo. 

When necessary I go to my “safe place”.  I have a few of them to choose from, so depending on the reason I need to go there, I have choices.  Some are real places such as the mountains, beach, or the LDS temple.  Some like the porch swing at the cabin are only in my mind. 

I also accept assignments at church when asked with a positive attitude and willing heart whether it be teaching a class of children, or women, or speaking in front of the congregation.  Teaching and speaking in front of others is extremely hard for me, but it takes me out of my comfort zone, helps me to become more comfortable with myself, and in some weird way, is healing to me.    

Recently I was given a Zen Garden as a gift.  I love it, and am learning to use it.   I am currently learning how to use essential oils, and am in the processes of putting together a Vision Board.  I have started to further my education by working on some foreign languages (German and Spanish) or new languages (American Sign Language) that I have a bit of knowledge in, but would like to become fluent in.  I am learning and starting to use meditation as a way to have mental discipline.

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