Thursday, September 15, 2016

Safe Place

My safe places are mostly made up places in my head.  Some of them are real.  Here are some examples.  The beach, the temple, the cabin on the porch swing, my counselor's office.  Sometimes I can physically or actually go there, and sometimes I can't.  Last night I went to my safe place at the cabin.  To get there I find a quiet place all by myself.  I gently tap on my knees, alternating taps.  As I do this I think of me at my safe place.  I take several deep breaths in my nose and exhale out my mouth slowly as I go there.  I allow myself to just be safe, quiet, and have peace while there.  I use all my senses to make being there more real.  I try to smell the woods at the cabin.  I feel the cool crisp air on my face and coming into my lungs.  I see trees, meadow grass, the horses in the fenced area across from the cabin.  I imagine I have a hoodie on and a blanket over my legs.  I feel the swing swaying back and forth.  I sway with it.  I like to always have someone there at the cabin on the swing with me.  They have there arm around me telling me that it's all going to work out, it will be ok.  They tell me I am safe.  Sometimes I even imagine there is a little table next to the swing and I have a cup of hot cocoa sitting there steaming.  When it's time to come back or leave my safe place I always say to my friend, I have to go now.  I start the slow, deep breathing again.  I stop swaying on the swing.  I slowly open my eyes.  When I do I feel so much more peaceful, safe, and secure.  I am then able to put away all my negative stuff and save it for the next time I see my counselor.  



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